Policies & Procedures

We want our customers to be fully informed of their rights and obligations in connection with their use of the Internet, as well as our rights and obligations as a provider of Internet services. We value knowing that you understand our policies and procedures.

Please review the sections below.

Copyright Infringement

Offers information regarding NTT's adherence to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Acceptable Use Policy

Supplements and explains certain terms of each customer's respective service agreement and is intended as a guide to the customer's rights and obligations when utilizing NTT services.

Privacy Policy

Outlines NTT policy related to privacy and issues around data security, use of customer information, opportunity to opt-out and disclosure of customer information.

IP Address Public Policy

Highlights NTT's goals, guidelines, and procedures for the loan of IP addresses to its customers.

RFC 2142 Compliance Information

Contains contact information as required for compliance with RFC 2142.

Routing Policies

Provides policy information on route dampening, peer filtering, routing registry use, and which BGP Communities a customer can use to influence routing announcements.

Routing Registry

Includes information on the Global IP Network Routing Registry and use policies.

UTC Conversion Chart

Depicts a chart detailing UTC conversions to other common time zones.